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Nová verze pluginu AntispamSniper for The Bat!
Autor: Marek Mikuš (IP zapsáno)
Datum: 02.02.2007 11:29

[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]

[-] Fixed an incompatibility with some applications that use socket hooks for filtering TCP protocols.
[*] The plug-in is automatically switching to HTTP service for checking IPs in message headers when the DNS server is unable to handle requests.
[*] The number of hits is displayed in log records for each blacklisted IP.
[*] New fast DNSBL checking procedure
[*] New format of storages for the configuration files is implemented for avoiding errors after unexpected shutdowns of email client
[*] Vista is supported
[-] Fixed a bug in parsing email addresses with a comma inside the name
[-] A problem with resources under OSes lower than XP is fixed
[*] Minor UI updates
[*] A toolbar is added to TheBat UI (for commercal version only)
[*] It is possible to minimize the status window displayed during checking headers
[*] The performance of classification is increased
[-] TheBat was hanging on call to MAPILogon, if it was set as a default Simple MAPI handler
[-] The problem with checking headers on some RFC-incompatible servers was fixed
[-] It was impossible to change the minimum size of attachments for exceptions
[*] The new installer supports all available localizations


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