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Nová verze pluginu AntispamSniper for The Bat!
Autor: Marek Mikuš (IP zapsáno)
Datum: 02.02.2007 11:34

[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]

[+] It is possible to restore the messages, classified as spam and deleted from server by headers. To restore some message open Filtering log window, select the log record corresponding to deleted message and press the toolbar button “Restore deleted message”(or use a context menu item Undelete). The From address will be optionally added to whitelist. The restored messages will be downloaded next time on receiving emails from the corresponding account. This version ignores the messages classified as spam by headers and leaves them on server while the corresponding record exists in filtering log. The restoring works for non-SSL connections only.
[*] The plug-in checks headers only for the selected account instead of checking headers on all accounts of the given server.
[-] The accounts were not added automatically (in version 1.8 beta 1)
[*] If the checkbox “Ignore emails without display names” is not set, then the name in sender’s address is ignored and the message is classified as non-spam if an address of sender with any name is whitelisted.
[-] The errors on downloading email from old versions of MS Exchange are fixed.
[-] The list of black keywords was not updated on automatic learning the messages from friendly addresses.
[+] The correct handling of MD5 CRAM-HMAC authentication is implemented.
[-] A problem with handling the secured STARTLS connections is fixed.
[-] The rule conditions didn’t work for the custom headers with the capital letters in content.
[-] The plug-in was hanging on downloading messages from some servers.
[*] The support of 24*24 mode is added for the toolbar buttons.
[-] The incompatibility with NOD32 is fixed.
[-] Minor bugs are fixed in checking headers procedure.


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